landi kuhn | functional art & design items are unique, high-quality handcrafted products. it is arts & crafts taken to a new extraordinary level, inspired by our beautiful south african surroundings and made with love.



landi's extreme love for creating beautiful things started in early childhood and only grew with age. after studying architecture at the tshwane university of technology, landi started creating in all seriousness in january 2012 with the launch of landi kuhn | functional art & design.

based in middelburg, mpumalanga, amidst tranquil farm-scapes inspiration comes from all things local and south-african.





not being satisfied with creating only one type of item, two additional brands were created:

BE/KIND/ANYWAY. jewellery, accessories and gifts, as well as

BLANKBOOKS journals and albums.

both these brands have landi kuhn at the core, striving for excellence.