JANURAY WAS A TOUGH YEAR, but we (almost) made it...

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JANUARY WAS A TOUGH YEAR, but we (almost) made it...
Jan is notorious for being hard on everybody. Kids are going back to school and the holidays took just a little bit too much out of that credit card. Every year we vow to do better but it is still hard to work through those first 52 weeks of January…
On the brighter side my cousin pointed out over Christmas that 2020 was going to be a Win-Win / Wen-Wen all around. It says so right in the name (for us English-Afrikaans speaking South Africans anyway…)
* tWENty-tWENty, tWINtig-tWINtig *
That is why when Elizma from Net ‘n Kameel phoned me and asked if I wanted to do a give-away with her I thought it was the PERFECT idea to get everybody in the right spirit for 2020.
She rounded up 10 amazing brands and that is how our Ultimate January Giveaway was born. (If you haven’t entered yet, head on over to our social media pages and enter asap, winners will be drawn on  Monday 27 January 2020)
But whether you win this giveaway or not, these are definitely the PROUDLY HANDMADE IN SOUTH AFRICA brands to look out for in 2020:
With a background in Fine Arts, Elizma’s focus has always been in creating beautiful (and meaningful) items. In the last years the focus has shifted to the object and specifically jewellery. She creates jewellery in ceramics, wood, acrylics and various metals and use these in their pure form or in the unlikely marriage of mediums.
The Net ‘n Kameel studio is located on their farm near the Malutis and the jewellery reflects the landscape.
“Hand drawn with Stitches. If we can draw it, we can stitch it”
Perfectly imperfect home decor handmade by South African sisters, Emma & Leila. 
Their designs are a celebration of what surrounds them, and are hand drawn and then stitched using free-motion embroidery, which gives the feeling of "drawing with thread". This freehand machine embroidery technique used to “draw” with thread means that each product is one of a kind. 
They are a small-batch, local, natural body product company and create all their products from natural ingredients. Moira is a medical technologist by trade, specialising in microbiology and mycology. She started Mémé by experimenting and making a few balms in her spare time from her home in Pretoria. It began as a creative outlet, but since then, they have built up the team to include a fabulous graphic designer, Megan, who creates all the designs for Mémé and have also opened a small shop at Anja’s Tea Garden in Pretoria.
I have a WHOLE BUNCH of their stuff in my beauty chest and can really say I swear by it. 
P.S. The perfumes are especially nice, *wink wink*.
Glare means to shine with a strong and dazzling light. And that is the inspiration behind each one of their creations. Glare Modern Vintage creates pieces for the fearless feminine woman.
Izet’s husband was one of my varsity friends back in the day and he started the Glare brand about 15 years ago when we were all still fresh faced and working hard on becoming the architects of the future. (I remember owning a whole cupboard of Glare t-shirts!) Izet took the brand to a whole new level and now I own Glare Modern Vintage floral flowy skirts and I must say, they make me feel ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!
Sammy Sheppard, South African artist & entrepreneur, creates products that aim to bring joy into your living & work space. Intricate illustrations are brought to life on a variety of printed surfaces from stationery to lush textiles & rugs.
It’s bold, it’s vibrant. It’s freakin’ BEAUTIFUL!
Darling Sweet came into existence when Fritz and Hentie met in September 2013 and decided to start a toffee factory in Darling; Hentie, with his passion for art and food, and Frits with his love for quality and design. Frits, who had been living in Darling for some years, was the first to come up with the idea. For him it was obvious that Darling ought to produce the most delectable old fashioned handcrafted toffees seeing as one of its main ingredients, butter, is historically linked to the small town with its picturesque surroundings. 
The rest is history. If you don’t know Darling Sweet by now your sweet tooth is surely missing out! Check out all they have to offer here:
Thea is one of the most talented artists I know. She brings fantasies to life with just a pencil and wooden block in hand. At the moment I only own one small artwork of hers, but the dream is to one day be able to dedicate a whole wall to her artistic greatness…
Design by Q&A is a lifestyle brand that designs fashion and decor pieces to enhance their dynamic customers’ way of living. They are inspired by the vibrant surroundings of their home, South Africa, and use only the finest of local materials. They are passionate about creating beautiful, yet practical items that are well suited to their clients’ needs.
Who doesn’t want to work out looking fabulous? 
Fashionable and innovative activewear for women providing extreme quality. Rush styles are designed to provide comfort, style and functionality. They’ve experimented with different patterns, materials and cuts, all with the idea of making women feel confident. The waistbands are thicker and the cuts are more flattering and comfortable.
And then off course there is us. 
We are a small creative studio that specializes in laser cut stationery, gifts, décor- and wedding smalls. Growing up on the banks of the Crocodile river all our designs are inspired by our beautiful South African surroundings and like all of the above-mentioned brands we are a proudly South African business that does a little happy dance when you support us. Because supporting a small business means supporting a dream <3

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